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Accessible Digital Learning Materials—Publisher/Developer Best Practices Guidelines: Request for Feedback

An AIM Center PALM Initiative project

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The AIM Center has posted a draft version of Accessible Digital Learning Materials—Publisher/Developer Best Practices Guidelines dated May 1, 2013. The document may be downloaded from this page. A revision is in development and will require vetting.

Download the Opens new windowWord document.

Since the AIM Center is promoting parallel initiatives, NIMAS and PALM, we thought it might be helpful to initiate the development of some basic guidelines that can be offered to publishers and developers by states and districts that want to support PALM but are not sure how best to respond when a publisher asks what is needed. Our hope is that some publishers and developers will also find the guidelines of value during product planning and development.

Ultimately, our hope is that all learners will be able to use the digital learning materials that are recommended by states and/or purchased by school districts and families. This means that those digital learning materials will need to be accessible to students who have print disabilities right from the start. It also means the technologies used to render and interact with the learning materials, such as computers, tablets, and e-book readers, will also have to be fully accessible to students with disabilities. Thank you in advance for your support and recommendations.


Last Updated: 02/24/2014

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