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Information on state statutes and policies pertinent to AIM, including textbook adoption/purchasing, SEA special education responsibilities, assistive technology, state-specific information and resources, and more. Please also see the Opens new windowPrimary Contacts for NIMAS/NIMAC document.

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SEA Web Site Survey

February, 2009 (latest update: September, 2014)

This Survey of state education agency (SEA) web sites covers U.S. states and territories and provides information regarding the NIMAS, SEAs, LEAs, the NIMAC, OSEP, and other pertinent information in relation to states' adoption, coordination, implementation, and provision of resources regarding the NIMAS. The table below shows state-specific information in a quick, at-a-glance format.

This document is updated on a regular basis. Additional information, corrections, questions, and edits should be sent to aim [at] cast [dot] org.

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Table of Survey Data 

U.S. State/TerritoryNIMAS Information on Web Site?Targeted NIMAS Information on Web Site?Resources (URLs, docs, etc.)?Adopt/Coord?
    AdminEd  Dev/TANIMACNatLoc   
Alabama      T     AC
AlaskaX XXXO  X AC
American Samoa      -     AC
Arkansas      T     AC
Bureau of Indian EducationXXXX   X    AX 
CaliforniaX XX  TX (elem)     AXCX
DelawareXXXX OXX  XA
District of Columbia      O     AC
Guam      -     AC
Hawaii      O     AC
Marshall Islands, Republic of*      -     N/AN/A
Micronesia, Federated States of*      -     N/AN/A
MississippiXX    TX     AXCX
New JerseyXXXX  O X   AC
New Mexico X X  TXX   AC
North CarolinaXXXX  TX     AC
Northern Mariana Islands, Commonwealth of      -     AC
Palau, Republic of*      -     N/AN/A
Puerto Rico   X  T     A-
South Carolina      T     AC
South DakotaXX X  OX    AXCX
Tennessee      TX     AC
U.S. Virgin Islands      T     AC

Table updated: 2/26/09; 3/12/09; 4/18/09; 5/13/09; 5/19/08; 5/20/09; 6/10/09; 7/1/09 & 7/2/09; 7/709; 8/6/09; 9/8/09; 10/7/09; 10/20/09; 11/20/09; 12/18/09; 3/31/10; 4/2/10; 4/20/10; 10/14/10; 10/18/10; 11/10/10; 3/29/11; 6/9/11; 8/5/11; 8/12/11; 8/16/11; 8/25/11; 10/27/11; 11/1/11; 9/6/12; 9/11/12; 8/29/13; 5/14/14; 6/2/14; 9/23/14

States shown in bold indicate AIM Consortium member states. States shown in bold and italics indicate targeted technical assistance states.

*Due to their status as independent countries not covered under U.S. copyright law, these freely-associated states cannot coordinate with the NIMAC (nor therefore adopt the NIMAS in full) due to international copyright law.

 Key of Terms and Symbols used in Survey Table

A = State has adopted the NIMASLEA = Local Education Agency
AX = Adoption language including reference to NIMAS posted to siteNIMAC = National Instructional Materials Access Center
ADMIN = AdministratorsNIMAS = National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard
AU = Authorized UserNIMAS Dev = NIMAS Development Center
AMP = Accessible Media ProducerNIMAS TA = NIMAS Technical Assistance Center
C = Coordination agreement with NIMACO = Open Territory State
CX = Reference regarding coordination with NIMAC posted to siteSEA = State Education Agency
DOE = Department of EducationT = Textbook adoption state
ED = EducatorsTX = Reference to NIMAS included in textbook adoption language


Notes on Criteria used in Survey Table

NIMAS Information on Web Site?Site contained…
     General… general NIMAS information such as purpose, definition, explanation, or description of what NIMAS is via a FAQ page, introduction, announcement, memo, including HTML site page posts, links to downloadable documents, etc.  Also counted links to others’ explanations of NIMAS when phrase, sentence, or other indicator accompanied link (ex: What is NIMAS? [link to TA pg]).
     Policy… posted information about NIMAS within the IDEA 2004 statute and regulations and/or policies that have been developed to implement NIMAS to improve timely access to accessible instructional materials for students with print disabilities.
     Procedure… specific information about what to do regarding NIMAS (forms, instructions, list of steps, sample PO text, text or diagrams describing how things work for x state & offices; IEP suggested text, which offices will do what tasks, where and how to locate info, timelines for implementation, etc.); site may include information about how to identify students with print disabilities, how to determine if they qualify for specialized formats and how to obtain those, etc.
Targeted NIMAS Information on Web Site? 
     LEA…text, links, resources, etc., mentioned LEA-specific responsibilities regarding the timely delivery of specialized formats, available resources, etc. in a way that distinguishes it from more general content (LEA explicitly mentioned).
          Adminstrators…information, text, etc., applicable to administrators.
          Educators… as above; looked for words teacher, school, classroom, your students, etc.—clear indicators that content was for educators even if specific terms and/or intro text not used.
     Parents/Students… any information, text, links, contact info, etc., specifically intended for parents and/or regarding access to/benefits of specialized formats for students with print disabilities.
     Text T/O?… explicit evidence of whether or not state is a textbook adoption or an open territory state (lack of explanatory text was OK; for ex: checkmark added for posting of textbook adoption cycles info and dates, forms, of criteria for books to be added to potential list, of list of adopted books available for request, etc.) [for checkmark only*]
Resources (URLs, docs, etc.)?Links to
     Dev/TA… any NIMAS Development and Technical Assistance Center web page (beginning with) “”.
     NIMAC… any National Instructional Materials Access Center web page (beginning with) “”.
     AMPs… information about national AMPs, for example American Printing House for the Blind (APH), Bookshare for Education (B4E), Learning Ally.
          National … information provided about local accessible media producers such as state agencies and Braille transcribers.

… (SEA)=text, links, resources, etc., mention state-specific responsibilities, resources, etc., in some way that distinguishes it from more general content, but explicit evidence rather than actual use of “SEA” term acceptable.

… (AU)=mention of AU indicates that the AU is an AU and/or what an AU is.

     NIMAS…any description, explanation, text, etc., that would enable a viewer of the web site content (who was not informed via other means) to respond “yes” to the question, “Has x state adopted the NIMAS?” [for checkmark only*]
     NIMAC…any description, explanation, text, etc., that would enable a viewer of the web site content (who was not informed via other means) to respond “yes” to the question, “Has x state agreed to coordinate with the NIMAC?” [for checkmark only*]

*Status indicated by "T," "O," "A," or "C" is based on NIMAS centers' knowledge at date of publication and not state DOE web sites' postings; an "X" following "T," "O," "A," or "C" indicates that evidence was provided on the state web site.


Last Updated: 12/03/2014

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