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Effective Teaching Practices and the Barriers Limiting Their Use in Accessing the Curriculum: A Review of Recent Literature

Prepared by Richard Jackson, Kelly Harper and Janna Jackson from the Teaching Practices Group at the Lynch School of Education, Boston College with the editorial assistance of Nicole Strangman, CAST. Additional edits and revisions by Tracey Hall, CAST.

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This report summarizes the results of a review of recent literature concerning barriers limiting access to the general curriculum and teaching practices that hold particular promise for eliminating or reducing them. The review was guided by a large body of previous work funded by the U. S. Office of Special Education Programs identifying practices in special education that are supported by the research literature.

The report begins with a description of the literature review's methodology and proceeds to a discussion of the reviewed research, which is organized into three general topic areas: 1) barriers limiting access to the general curriculum; 2) potential support structures for overcoming these barriers; and 3) effective teaching practices for overcoming these barriers. The complete database from which the narrative was developed is provided in table form in the appendix.


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