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Accessibility Resources

Photo of 3 CDsThe AIM Center is fully aware that instructional materials reach far beyond today’s printed textbooks. For students with sensory, physical, cognitive, or learning differences, accessible instructional materials (AIM) may open doors to teaching and learning that ordinary print-based materials have closed. AIM formats typically include braille, audio, large print, and digital text, as well as the technology needed to use them. That technology is more various and numerous than ever before. In order to support educators who may be interested in learning more about accessible computer applications, assessments, documents, e-book readers, e-learning systems, meeting software, multimedia, survey tools, and the web, we have begun developing a resources page that will grow richer over time. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please let us know about resources that are especially helpful. You may contact us by email at aim [at] cast [dot] org.

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Multiformat Accessibility Resources

Opens new window508 XPress Newsletters from the VHA Section 508 Office (Flash, HTML, PDF, PPT, Word, and more)
Opens new windowIT Accessibility Quick Guide from NC State University (PPT, Word, Excel; Moodle, Blackboard, GoogleDocs, and more)


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