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Implementation Guide

The AIM Implementation Guide includes three products that can be used to support the implementation of AIM:

  • A downloadable, printable manual entitled Opens new windowText-to-Speech (TtS) and Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM): An Implementation Guide for Use of TtS and AIM in Secondary Classrooms. This manual includes a wide range of supports for planning, implementing and evaluating the use of AIM in the classroom.
  • TheOpens new windowStudent's Speak Out Excerpt Video (4:10 minutes) that can be viewed online or downloaded. This video highlights the comments of students who participated in the pilot on how the use of Text to Speech impacted their educational participation, achievement and outcomes.
  • The Opens new windowAIM Implementation Video (18:18 minutes) that can be viewed online or downloaded. This video provides an overview of a pilot implementation project conducted in Missouri including purpose, procedures and comments of students and teachers.

    • To download a product, click on its title above. To view a video online, scroll down below the video window and select the video you want to see.

        For schools looking for ways to improve academic achievement and persistence to high school completion, utilization of TtS technology paired with AIM is worth serious consideration. This implementation guide was developed to support use of TtS and AIM as a compensatory strategy at the secondary level. It is based on the collective experiences of educators in local school districts who implemented pilot TtS/AIM projects. These projects provided TtS technology and AIM throughout the day to individual students and tracked educational outcomes. AIM were acquired and provided through a variety of methods in conformance with copyright provisions resulting in comprehensive access to print content. Although the information provided in this guide pertains to these specific projects in Missouri, the principles, practices, and materials apply more broadly to the ongoing implementation of AIM in educational settings.

        The content of this guide was reviewed and vetted by practitioners in the field and includes extensive resources that address student selection criteria, technology considerations, training needs, IDEA requirements for AIM and copyright provisions. It is organized into three sections: Pre-Implementation, Implementation, and Post-Implementation; providing information and resources in support of each phase. In addition, the guide includes a set of data collection tools that can be modified to meet local needs, a set of checklists that can be used during implementation, a video that can be used to garner buy-in for implementation, product descriptions for commonly used TtS systems and support products (e.g., scanners and conversion software), along with references and policy resources related to obtaining and producing AIM. States will need to add their own state policy information to make the guide appropriate for their school districts. Missouri-specific policy information is included as an example.


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