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Readers That Import NIMAS Files

Opens new windowClassMate Reader by Humanware
The ClassMate Reader is capable of reading the NIMAS file format, as well as DAISY, mp3, wav, txt, HTML, and XML formats. Features include synchronized text and audio, highlighting, bookmarking, note-taking, and a dictionary.

Opens new windowDolphin EasyReader
Dolphin's web site describes EasyReader as a "software digital talking book player, allowing the user to read and listen to content through a combination of text, audio, and images" and as able to create audio using "Microsoft's 'Save As DAISY XML' Word plug-in."

Opens new windowgh Player
gh Player software is capable of reading DAISY, NIMAS, and txt file formats, as well as MathML. The 2.2 version includes new features such as additional navigation options, support for SVG images, and Windows Vista compatibility.

Opens new windowRead:OutLoud by Don Johnston
Read:OutLoud is a component of Solo software that is capable of importing and reading files in the following formats: NIMAS, txt, rtf, pdf, HTML, and XML. Features include text-to-speech, highlighting, a built-in browser, templates, and a dictionary.

Opens new windowRead & Write 9 Gold by TextHELP
TextHELP now distributes the NIMAS Conversion Tool as a part of version 9 of their Read & Write GOLD for Windows software. NIMAS filesets may be converted using the NIMAS Conversion Tool and then used with Read & Write GOLD version 9 software. To learn more about the free, open source NIMAS Conversion Tool, go to the AIM Center's NIMAS Conversion Tool page. To learn more about Read & Write GOLD version 9, go to TextHELP's Opens new windowProduct Matrix page.


Last Updated: 11/16/2010

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