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NIMAS Exemplars

This page is intended to serve as a resource for those interested in learning more about what a NIMAS-conformant delivery should include. Exemplars will always include the following baseline items:

  1. NIMAS 1.1-conformant XML file(s)
  2. Package file
  3. PDF of title page or whichever page contains copyright and ISBN information
  4. Images in SVG, PNG, or JPG format at 300 dpi


2/25/09: Please note that the new DAISY 2005-3 DTD issued 1/16/08 is now the current version of the DAISY standard and exemplars provided via this page have now been updated to include the new DTD as it has been determined that the NIMAC and its validator can accept and validate files that include the current DTD. Information regarding the few changes between DAISY 2005-2 and 2005-3 will also shortly be posted on this site. Additional information regarding the changes may be obtained immediately by reading the official Opens new windowRelease Notes for DTBook-2005-3.dtd posted to the DAISY web site.

Our exemplar files have now been updated to reflect the fact that the NIMAS 1.1 DTD is derivative of the DAISY 2005 DTD. Our original exemplar files were created to match NIMAS 1.0, which was the official posting of the Standard by OSEP at the Library of Congress. This post has now changed from NIMAS 1.0 to NIMAS 1.1 and the new NIMAS 1.1 DTD was officially posted by OSEP on July 19, 2006. With this in mind, since we encourage publishers and other producers to use NIMAS 1.1, both baseline and optional elements, the appropriate DTD (and document type declaration) became DAISY 2005's <!DOCTYPE dtbook PUBLIC "-//NISO//DTD dtbook 2005-2//EN" "">. As of January 16, 2008, the correct DTD is <!DOCTYPE dtbook PUBLIC "-//NISO//DTD dtbook 2005-3//EN" "">. In this way, NIMAS files will appropriately validate.

The document type declaration belongs at the top of each XML file as shown:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!DOCTYPE dtbook PUBLIC "-//NISO//DTD dtbook 2005-3//EN"

<dtbook xmlns="" version="2005-3" xml:lang="en-us">

Preparers of NIMAS-conformant files are strongly encouraged to use full DAISY mark-up whenever possible.

Note: Changes that were made to requirements for NIMAS filesets during the January 2006 meeting of the NIMAS Development Committee are described in the committee meeting minutes (posted to this site at the History & Archives page). Detailed information on mark-up and image file organization may be found in Creating NIMAS Files, a NIMAS Resource page document.

Exemplar submissions may also include other reference files likely to be of interest to authorized entities, conversion services, publishers, State Education Agencies, and Local Education Agencies. They may include, for example, a Microsoft Word or compressed PDF version of source content; an HTML version, an RTF version, an ASCII file, and/or a Digital Talking Book representing source content. An exemplar may include educational or explanatory content relating to files provided. A submission might also include supplementary material such as an extended version of the NIMAS 1.1-conformant source file that uses selected optional NIMAS elements. In some cases, an extended version may serve as a baseline NIMAS 1.1-conformant content file since use of Opens new windowDTB Z39.86 elements not included within NIMAS is encouraged.

Interested parties may contribute exemplar content to this page. To begin the submission process, send a note to aim [at] cast [dot] org indicating interest in providing content examples. Exemplar submissions must include NIMAS 1.1-conformant XML content file(s), a package file, and a PDF file of the source content's title page or whichever page contains copyright and ISBN information. Exemplar XML files must validate to the NIMAS 1.1 DTD in order to be considered for posting to this site. For details about how to handle images in a NIMAS 1.1-conformant file set, see the appropriate section of Creating NIMAS Files.

Assurances must also be provided with regard to the ownership and/or rights to all content (i.e., text and images). Any conditions for use of the files by others should be provided with the files. The files themselves may also include such information.

The NIMAS Technical Assistance Center reserves the right to post or reject all submissions. Exemplar submissions will be posted in the order in which they are submitted, with current files listed at the bottom. Each submission should include an assurance that rights for posting the content is provided to the NIMAS Technical Assistance Center.

NIMAS Exemplars

Each exemplar submission links to a page with downloadable files and additional information.

Please note: NIMAS 1.1 package files validate to the OEBPS standard 1.2 specification. They are NIMAS 1.1 OPF files, not DAISY OPF files.

NIMAS filesets must also meet metadata submission requirements for the National Intstructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC), the national repository of NIMAS filesets. All of the NIMAS exemplar filesets include OPF files that are valid to the NIMAS specification and to NIMAC submission requirements. A NIMAC-specific OPF sample is available below.

Original exemplars have been based on NIMAS 1.0; these files have been moved to the Supplementary Files section below, where they are provided for background and information about the progression of the NIMAS specification. Current Baseline NIMAS files conform to the NIMAS 1.1 specification, which became official through the U. S. Department of Education on July 19, 2006.

1. NIMAS Technical Assistance Center Exemplar 1
Chapter 24: The Great Depression
First posted on 10/20/05. Last updated on 07/27/07.

2. NIMAS Technical Assistance Center Exemplar 2
World Cultures & Geography
First posted on 01/12/06. Last updated on 07/27/07.

3. NIMAS Technical Assistance Center Exemplar 3
First posted on 03/08/06. Last updated on 07/27/07.

4. NIMAS Technical Assistance Center Exemplar 4
First posted on 05/05/06. Last updated on 07/27/07.

5. NIMAS Technical Assistance Center Exemplar 5
David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens
First posted on 05/12/06. Last updated on 07/27/07.

6. NIMAS Technical Assistance Center Exemplar 6
Science (and mathematics)
First posted on 06/05/06. Last updated on 07/27/07.

7. NIMAS Technical Assistance Center Exemplar 7
Large Version of Chapter 24: The Great Depression
First posted on 07/27/06. Last updated on 03/10/08.

8. NIMAS Technical Assistance Center Exemplar 8
First posted on 10/26/06. Last updated on 07/27/07.

9. NIMAC Sample OPF
APH's NIMAC sample package file in Word and XML formats. Includes required NIMAC and NIMAS 1.1 metadata. A separate history and comments document (in Word) is also available.
First posted on 11/20/06. Last updated on 03/23/07.

10. NIMAS Exemplar and Conversion Project
This exemplar contains a series of filesets ranging from baseline NIMAS 1.1 source files to complex output versions.  Its purpose is to demonstrate a variety of possible products available from a NIMAS fileset with varying levels of additional mark-up.  Several versions are currently provided in the series, each with different features, suitable for different uses.

11. NIMAS Technical Assistance Center Exemplar 11
This exemplar displays SVG-format images in a NIMAS-compliant fileset. It includes three output versions as well as the baseline fileset.

Additional exemplars added as needed.


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