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AIM Center Brochure (PDF)

NIMAS Center at a Glance

The National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard(NIMAS) is a technical standard established by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) that was created to make it possible for students with print disabilities to receive learning materials in formats they need as quickly as possible. NIMAS source files are designed to be easily converted into specialized formats, including braille, audio, large print, and digital text.

Principal Investigator: David Rose, CAST
Director: Skip Stahl, CAST
OSEP Project Officer: Michael Slade


NIMAS Center Services

  • Maintain and advance the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS), which guides the production of specialized format versions—braille, audio, large print, and digital text—of textbooks and related instructional materials.
  • Convene the NIMAS Standards Board, representing accessible media producers, curriculum publishers, disability advocates, technology specialists, accessible media producers, and other invested stakeholders to ensure the NIMAS is continuously improved, so that it is and remains valid, comprehensive, practical, and widely adopted by states, publishers, and conversion houses.


References to NIMAS in IDEA

  • Part B, Section 612(a)(23)
  • Part B, Section 613(a)(6)
  • Part D, Section 674(e)
  • Title III, Section 306


NIMAS Center Board Members

List of members as of September, 2012.



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